IS HELP AVAILABLE?   ---   NO! But then...
You bought a software package: Web Wizard.
You bought software and hosting from a different company. This firm has nothing to do with the software, Prime Buy or other associations. This firm does NOT support the software, nor does it make assistance for its products or services. SORRY.

Can your website be salvaged?
If you saved a copy of your website, it can be republished though a hosting company.

Can your domain name be utilized?
If the domain name you were using is registered in your name, it can be still be used for your purposes as long as the registration fees are up to date.

What can this firm do for you?
This firm, Web Wizard of San Antonio, can do the following:
  • Register & modify domain names & registration info
  • Host your website
  • Re-establish your old website if you provide a copy of it
  • Redesign and/or update your website
  • Design a new website

What is the cost of your services?
Basic fees are as follows and subject to change without notice:

  • Domain name registration is $50 per year
  • Registration modification may incur a fee
  • Hosting service is $400 per year for most websites
  • Upload of your existing website is free
  • Redesign, updates and new websites must be evaluated and price individually

What kind of service does your firm provide?
Web Wizard of San Antonio provides quality, friendly and professional service. Someone is available to assist you almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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