The Internet
Never has there been a medium that offers so much to so many for so little. With its huge assortment of information, products, advertisements, chat rooms and bulletin boards (web boards), commercial and personal sites, etc., the Internet can be overwhelming to even the most seasoned professional. It is literally transforming the local community based business concept into one with unlimited global potential.

Is it for me?
QUESTION: How can having a website help my business?
ANSWER: First and foremost, a business website offers any small, medium or large company the ability to market their products or services 24/7*. Yes, that's right, your very own "sales staff" that does not require vacations, sick leave,or other time off. Your business site will be accessible to anyone in the world *24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week! When you consider the annual overhead of maintaining just one salesperson that works on average of 8-10 hours per day, 5 days per week versus the relatively inexpensive alternative that the web offers, there really is no reason not to have a website.

Our Goal
Trying to establish a single presence on this worldwide conglomeration can be a daunting task, made seemingly impossible by the sheer size of it. However, we at Web Wizard have learned the secret of establishing a viable presence on the net. Through the intelligent use of meta tags, descriptions, and sensible yet esthetically pleasing design, we are able to build for our clients sites that are not only attractive but conform to the requirements of all the major online search engines. This attention to the latter helps to insure the visibility of our clients site in this vast sea known as the Internet.

Our basic philosophy is simple. Anyone can build a web page but will anyone know it is there? Our focus when building sites is to (1) build it to establish a viable presence, (2) make it informative and simple, yet attractive to hold the visitor's interest, and (3) make it conform to our client's existing corporate image and marketing plan. We believe that by adhering to these three basic principles, we can make our client's transition to the future of communications a smooth one.

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