Does my company need a website?
Only you and your marketing staff know the answer. Many businesses and organizations can benefit greatly from a web presence. Web Wizard can assist you in an analysis of your particular business to help you spend your marketing dollar wisely.

How large should my website be?
This depends on what you have to say! Web Wizard will help you make this decision.

What is a page?
Theoretically, a page can be infinitely long. Unfortunately, the attention span of the average web viewer is much shorter. We at Web Wizard have found that, generally, a page should be no longer than two screens deep.

How many outside links should I have?
Outside links are a good thing-if used in moderation. The rule of thumb is never to link to a competitor nor to a website that has absolutely nothing to do with your product or service. Such links only serve to distract the visitor, taking them away from your site.

What about graphics and animations?
They are great! The downside to lots and lots of graphics and animations is slow loading. If you over use them, you are just asking for the viewer to leave your site when he is tired of waiting for the page to load.

What is a Shopping Cart?
A shopping cart allows the visitor to make selections, store those selections for later checking out, enter his credit card number, and automatically compute total, shipping and tax and send it to the merchant. Shopping carts are great for conducting electronic commerce on the internet. This means that although your physical store location(s) may be open at certain times, your online store is open 24/7. This online store also introduces your products/services to a world wide community with the potential of increased sales.

I don't understand all this Internet stuff!
This is precisely where Web Wizard can help you tremendously. We will take the mystery out of the Internet by handling all the difficult tasks. We will register your domain name, design your site, upload and maintain your site (at your request), and handle all the details that make your site a successful one.

What is all this FTP, NNTP, PPP stuff?
At Web Wizard, we understand that although the Internet has been around a few years, many people still are unfamiliar with the many terms and acronyms used by the Internet savvy crowd. So for your convenience, we've added a Glossary page outlining the many terms used and heard today. To go to this list just either click once on the link provided above.

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